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ARNOLD, C.A. - Some elements of the Gondwanaland flora in North America       1
BHARADWAJ, D.C.- On Folioceros, a new genus of Anthocerotales 6
BOSE, M.N.- Palynostratigraphy of the Lukuga Series in Congo16
HARRIS, T.M.- the stem of Caytonia 23
LUNDBLAD, B.- A thalloid plant from the Permian of Shansi, China30
MEYEN, S.V.- Parallelism and its significance for the systematics of fossil plant 34
PANT, D.D. & KHARE, P.K. - Notes on the spore morphology of Ophioglossaceae and the occurrence of Ophioglossum and its gametophytes in the Gangetic valley 48
SAH, S.C.D., KAR, R.K. & SINGH, R.Y. - Stratigraphic range of Dandotiaspora gen. nov. in the Lower Eocene sediments of India54
SURANGE, K.R. - The Glossopteris flora of India and the Angara flora of U.S.S.R. 64
TANDON, K.K.- Occurrence of Venericardia beumonit D’Archiac and Haime from Nareda, South Western Kutch, India70
VAKHRAMEEV, V.A. -Development of the Early Cretaceous flora in Siberia 75
VISHNU-MITTRE & ROBERT, R.D. - Studies of pollen content of moss cushions in relation to forest composition in the Kashmir valley 84

Volume 1, Number 2, 1971(Issued, March 1972)
AWASTHI, D.D. & SINGH, K.P. - Additions to the lichen flora of India   97
BHARADWAJ, D.C. & ANAND-RRAKASH - Geology and palynostratigraphy of Lower Gondwana formations in Mohpani Coalfiled, Madhya Pradesh, India   103
BOSE, M.N. & SUKH-DEV. - Three new species of Pagiophyllum from Bansa, Madhya Pradesh, India   116
chitaley, s.d. & sheikh, m.t. - Surangea mohgaoense gen. et sp. nov., a pteridophytic fructification from Deccan Intertrappean beds of India   123
GUPTA, H.P. - Studies of Indian pollen grains-IV. Boraginaceae   127
HARLAND, R.- A summary review of the morphology and classification of the fossil peridiniales (dinoflagellates) with respect to the modern representatives   135
MISRA, R.C., SINGH, I.B. & KUMAR, S. - A note on the sedimentological study of Gomti river, Uttar Pradesh, India   
SINGH, S.N. & KALIA, P. A new asterigerinid genus from the Kirthars of Rajasthan, India   156
trivedI, B.S. & CHATURVEDI, S.K. -Voyrioseminites magnus gen. et sp. nov. a fossil seed from Tertiary coal of Malaya    161
UDAR, R. & SRIVASTAVA, S.C. - A new species of Cyathodium Kunze, C. denticulatum Udar et Srivastava sp. nov., from Darjeeling (Eastern Himalayas), India   16
VISHNU-MITTRE, PRAKASH, U. & AWASTHI, N. Ancient plant economy at Ter, Maharashtra    170
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